"One of the best learning and fun experiences I have had this year. The female instructor insured everyone got to experience all the effort to sail and pilot a sailboat. Great sailing water environment. Also, nice drive from DC/Balto Metro Areas. Considering futher lessions." 

                                      -George S, Annapolis, MD

"Very good and informative! Jeff gave us a lot of information without going over our heads. Enjoyed the entire experience!"   
                                       -Joe,  Washington, DC

"This was a great experience. The Captain was very knowledgeable and made the must of our time on the water. Will definitely recommend to others."

                                      -Robin,  Washington, DC

"We had a great experience in Sailing Basics with Captain Mark who is very patient, professional and very knowledgeable. and super great at reinforcing and practicing techniques. A++ Highly recommend. We plan to return to complete our ASA 101 and other certifications at The Sailing Academy. Many Thanks."

                                          -Lolyn, Maryland

"It was an incredible experience thanks in large part to the instructor and small group size. I will return now that I know of them."                  -Michelle,  Alexandria, VA

"The captain did a perfect job of balancing teaching first principles, with creating a relaxing experience."

"Had a great experience, Loved it!"
                        - Leanne,  Alexandria, VA

"Captain Jeff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He made our time on the water so pleasurable and educational. We can't wait to go out again."
                                          -Sara,  Arlington, VA

"Excellent instructor, very pleasant, well experienced, patient."