Docking Techniques
Power or Sail
One-Day private course aboard your vessel 350.00


Can you spin your boat on its own axis?
Make it look like you have a bow-thruster (when you don't!)
Dock peacefully without muscling your boat into the slip?
Tie a cleat hitch to the deck without bending down?
Easily leave the pump out or fuel dock with strong wind pinning you to the dock?
Parallel park your boat?
Get into your slip in strong winds?
Easily get a line around a piling?

Let Us Teach You!

Want to get rid of that panic feeling when heading into a narrow slip in wind and current? We will have you docking calmly and professionally! This new course has been developed by the American Sailing Association.

During the two day course...
The 40 page syllabus is full of easy to understand diagrams, tips and techniques and is a great reference guide to keep aboard after the course. The course consists of learning and practicing various docking and departing configurations for two days. We explain then practice various skills until you can confidently execute each procedure.  

Docking Techniques is a 12 hour course;  it can be taken in three evenings during the week (4-8pm each day) or over a two day weekend (10am-4pm each day). Private courses are a few hours shorter since there is no one else aboard who must also practice the skills.