We believe that Herrington Harbour is the best marina on the Chesapeake Bay (That's why we located our school there!) Find out more about slip space and other services for your boat.


Special membership deals, explanation of course structure, special events, etc. Visit the ASA official website.


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Chesapeake Bay NOAA Forecast

A great source for finding the short term forecast in our sailing area

Learn Your Knots!

Animated knots tied right in front of you. Great site to brush up or learn correct procedures.

Tides by Location

Tides on the West shore of the Chesapeake Bay at various locations. You can find tides all up and down the east coast from this site.

Real Time Weather

Shows the current weather at Thomas Point Light.

Wind Direction and force-Chesapeake Bay

Great site for trip planning. Shows short term wind forecast.

Weather Radar for East Coast

Check for storms and rain around the Chesapeake Bay

Notice To Mariners

Local Coast Guard Notice to Mariners for the Mid-Atlantic


Planet Hope Land and Sea is a non-profit sailing school for young people.