Need a little extra help on your yacht?
Our professional captains can help improve your skills.

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We help owners learn to dock and maneuver large sailing and power yachts in tight quarters. You too can confidently enter a harbor even in adverse conditions and calmly dock in a slip. Let us show you our five easy skills of big boat handling. 

Sailing Skills

Increase your average cruising speed by brushing up on sail trim. Some of our captains are award winning big boat racers and can help you get more out of your rig. Gain confidence flying the spinnaker, use a whisker pole to improve genoa usage, set cars and leads to maximize performance.

Boat Systems

Larger boats come with advanced electronics, charging, plumbing, navigation and mechanical systems that can take some time in order to gain proficiency. Manufacturers and sales reps are a wealth of information, but sometimes having a captain aboard for a few hours to go over your boat systems can be of great help. We may make recommendations, but we will not try to sell you anything! 

Navigation and Right of Way

Practice using electronic and paper charts, learn the rules of the road and get acquainted with your sailing region.