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ASA 104 Bare Boat Cruising

A Great Cruising Experience for Those with Experience!

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2.5 Days                                                                                                          {Weekends} Friday 1pm-4:30pm  Saturday 10am-overnight -4pm Sunday       {Weekdays} Wed 1pm-4:00pm, Thursday 10am-overnight-4pm Friday
  • Prerequisites: Keelboat Sailing (ASA101) & Coastal Cruising (ASA103)
Adult (ages 16+)

Tracys Landing, MD ASA 104 Bare Boat Cruising Course

An advanced cruising standard for those with cruising experience who would like the skills and certification to charter a sailboat of 30-50′ on their own. This sailing course in Maryland covers trip planning, living afloat, basic weather forecasting, cruising boat systems, seamanship, clearing customs, etc.

Boat: Taught aboard 36-41′ sailboats

Certifications: American Sailing Association Bareboat Charter Certification (ASA104)

Course Includes: Book, testing, and ASA Certification


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